Antigone Karabatzou Architects

House III

Private Residence at Thessaloniki

Plot size:2000m2

Total surface constructed:500m2

Construction time: 2004

The house is located in a sparsely populated area in the city's suburbs and all though is not a vacation house has an easy access to the sea. The house has been developed in four levels. The sitting areas, kitchen, office and garage occupy the ground level. This is the major living space with an easy access to the protected outdoor areas, the BBQ and the swimming pool. The bedrooms are arranged on the second floor. Underneath the slopped roof there is a penthouse used as a working space and has an endless view. The basement finally is a separate apartment by itself and has its own entrance. All the utilities and ancillary spaces have been placed in the basement and have adequate ventilation. The residence is well planned and nicely integrated with the outdoors and allows natural light to penetrate throughout the day.


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