Antigone Karabatzou Architects

House I Panorama

Plot size:1500m2

Total surface area:400m2

Construction time: 2010

The house was build for a family of four and occupies a narrow-oblong lot in a prestigious suburb. Due to the height difference between the main street level and the parking entry, the structure has been placed perpendicular to the elongated side. It divided the lot in two autonomous parts and at the same time formed a ground level adjacent to the parking. This level leads to a TV room, the parents suite and a guest room. All the utility spaces are at this level, as well. The first level faces the main entrance and forms the ground level where the sitting and dining rooms are. The different levels define also exterior spaces of distinct character and use. The living room is an one story, double -height space with a sloped roof. The kids rooms occupy the third level and make full use of the view on both sides. Natural lighting and cross ventilation have being a chief concern.


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